Brokers Domain Name Sale for US $4 Million

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Jan 24, 2004
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- Premier Brokerage Company also Completes Domain Name Auctions at Internext Las Vegas Grossing $1.5 Million - Brokers Domain Name Sale for US $4 Million

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., Feb. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Moniker (, a provider of Domain Asset Management(TM) services, continued to lead the industry in premium adult-related domain name sales having successfully brokered the sale of FreePorn. com, an adult entertainment portal, for US $4 million. Separately, Moniker also finalized its domain name auctions at Internext Las Vegas, grossing more than $1.5 million in domain name sales from that event.

The sale of FreePorn. com marks one of the largest two-word domain name sales in history and is the largest domain transaction of 2008, to date. The site was launched in 1996 and has consistently been one of the largest portals of free, adult entertainment on the Web. The site has continually gown in page and traffic rank according to Alexa.

"A marketable domain name is crucial to the success of any online adult entertainment business, perhaps more so than in any other industry," said Monte Cahn, co-founder and President of Moniker. "FreePorn. com is generic in nature, helping its new owner benefit from direct navigation and general in- bound inquires directed at the site daily."

Moniker Finalizes Auctions From Internext Las Vegas

Moniker has also verified its live and online auction results at Internext Las Vegas 2008, the world's largest business-to-business online and digital media adult conference.

To view all the inventory that was sold during both the live and online auction, visit

During intense live bidding, more than 60 domains sold for $1.1 million; SickSiteNetwork, a group of successful sites, including ConsumptionJunction .com and a fully functioning business, was the biggest sale of the night, netting $550,000.

The concurrent online auction netted an additional $125,000.

Moniker was responsible for selling more than $20 million in adult-related domains in 2007, including names sold at separate Internext auctions in Las Vegas and Miami last year. Moniker remains the only Domain Asset Management company and auctioneer for various niche markets including adult, gaming/gambling, affiliate, webmasters, geo-targeted, and more.


Moniker ( is the leading provider of Domain Asset Management(TM) services, a complete set of business services that provide companies a single-point-of-access to help manage and maximize the value of their domains. These services include name creation, registration, acquisition, portfolio management, appraisal and escrow services, traffic monetization and after-market sales - all backed by unsurpassed customer service and security.

With more than a decade of experience, Moniker is a top 10 domain registrar, holds the industry's highest customer retention rate and pioneered the industry's first domain appraisal formula. It is considered the industry's premier marketplace to buy and sell domain names.



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Feb 5, 2006
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Sweet! Recession? Not in the domain industry; those with money are buying.

Thanks Dan.
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