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Nov 3, 2019
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************************** Investment Grade City Domain Auction ******************************************************
Domain : MUSCAT.IO
Category :
Country / City / IO domain
Age : 5 Years
Reserve Range: $100-$500
Estibot Value:$550
Registrar : Hover
Venue : Marketplace
Description : Muscat is the capital and largest city of Oman. It is the seat of the Governorate of Muscat. Muscat has experienced rapid infrastructural development that has led to the growth of a vibrant economy and a multi-ethnic society. Muscat is now termed as a Global City. This Geo-domain with a single keyword “Muscat” is available for sale on Portingo at an affordable price
Auction Link :
Auction Ends : September 11, 2020 at 3:30:00 AM GMT+5
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