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other Namejet is it dead or dying?

This is a discussion about another domain name register/company not listed.


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Feb 18, 2012
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I would like to as about your experiences with namejet.com and networksolutions.com. Last time I sold some domain names on this platform back in 2017 or 2018. I decided to put several of my domain names on auction. This is the beginning of problems. I thought that namejet has still the same quality with the customer service as in past. I disappointed so much.

One of my domain names sold for XX,XXX and the buyer didn't pay for the auction, ok it happens. After, my NS account appeared as locked. I didn't know what is going about. I contacted support by e-mail and chat several times and every time support member proposed me solution the same as other support member before him. Support claims that account is not locked. The circle goes on xD. Since today my NS account haven't been unlocked. Several weeks past and problem still exist. In meanwhile my two other auctions went to the end. Buyers paid but I couldn't transfer the domains because of account lock. One of the managers proposed that he will help and will transfer domains manually after I send him AUTH codes and will make a payment in one week. I agreed. The domains have been transfered, there is still no money on my account after two weeks since we agreed the terms.

Support doesn't response to my e-mails. Manager responding once a week and promising that he take care about it, but still nothing happening...

I didn't expect to have such a problems because I had very positive experiences with this platform in the past. Now seems that it is a shadow of real NameJet and Network Solutions from the past.

What happend with NJ and NS companies? Why there is such low support level? Anyone here is able to help?


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Sep 4, 2002
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maybe contact web.com, and see if they can assist.


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