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Dec 20, 2020
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The domains those are registered years ago can be more valuable than newly registered domains (I'm not saying about future tech domains). Many people are interested to catch aged domains. These types of names are very common and regularly traded in the after market. but it takes a good quantity of money if you want a name having potentiality from the after market. Most of the new domainers can't afford those names.

Nameliquidate is a great source of domains to find good value domains who have registered years ago. Many new and experienced domainers check the site every day looking for some valuable names. I also follow NL to find some beautiful names. Filter options help to check the desired category faster, eating less time. I have found some good brandable names at almost a registration price per name.

Do you check the NL list regularly?
Any suggestions for finding better names from NL at hand reg or low price?

In addition, several days ago, I took two names from NL, one is a CVCVC.com, registered in 2015 and have more than 300+ WhoIs check and one is an SH-listed property domain registered in the last year.
Any thought about these two picks up? I'll appreciate your words..
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