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Mar 28, 2003
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NaturalHealth.TV is closing soon at sedo auction, reserve met with $209 bid.
Auction ends Today at 12:10 PM EST

Here are some search Stats for Natural Health:
Google Search for Natural Health gets about 161,000,000 results
Broad match keyword results: 201,000 global and 110,000 local
Exact match keyword results: 9,900 global and 4,400 local

Normally, I'm not big on trumpeting big google search result numbers as a primary selling feature, but in this case, I think it clearly shows what a category defining term Natural Health is. I mean, it really covers everything, doesn't it? Natural health cures, products, diets, remedies, exercise, supplements, alternative medicine, organic foods, whole foods, green foods, nutraceuticals, college degree programs, stores, and professional associations... all of these fall under the subject of Natural Health.

This really is a beautiful name for .TV. You should bid on it now.

standard registration at, exp. 11-12-11

NaturalHealth.TV domain auction closing in 2 hours. Going super cheap at just $209.

Huge industry. Great visual, health channel potential... tons of consumer interest, tremendous social media activity... incredible development possibilities.

There are Natural Health associations, colleges, degree programs, small businesses... endusers in practically every city!
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