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intro New DNForum from AZ - Interest in GoDaddy, SquadHelp, Afternic, Udemy, WordPress, YouTube Live, Domain Academy, Portfolio+ Discussions

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Apr 21, 2023
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G'day from Arizona!

I am new to DNForum but not new to domaining. With years of experience working with mainframe computers in data centers & technical support in Silicon Valley, after moving to Arizona in 2004, I accepted a position at GoDaddy. I hand-registered my first domain while working at GoDaddy - much to my supervisor's chagrin, the domain I thought was going to be great, was a bit long - GetSomethingForNothing (no site there). Thus began my interest in domains.

After leaving GoDaddy, I became a domain name and web hosting reseller through GoDaddy’s WildWest domains, creating my reseller site. Unfortunately, my only customers were (and still are) my husband, two of his friends plus one from GoDaddy. Obviously, my forte is not in selling domains. Thus, I am thrilled to have stumbled on DNForum and the exposure that, hopefully, comes with this platform.

To broaden my skills, I enrolled in an enormous number of Udemy courses (16,286 courses - 556 in WordPress). As an Udemy affiliate, I developed and distributed discount coupons – testing them all myself. To draw folks, I emulated WordPress course sites, as instructors stepped through the process, displaying results on a WordPress Multisite. However, attempts to sell domains with basic sites never took off. I now leave building sites to creatives and continue my daily thrill in researching and purchasing domains using and GoDaddy auctions.

In 2022, I discovered YouTube Live sessions and began visiting domain website building niche streams weekly. Perhaps, there is a place in DNForums to share favorites? Some giveaway merch!

This year I enrolled in GoDaddy’s Domain Academy (now included free with GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club membership). With the knowledge I gain, I hope to contribute to DNForum discussions. I learned the term “domain investor”.

My goal is to generate exposure of my domains by contributing and posting in DNForums. Additionally, I would like to discover how and where to sell related domain portfolios, 25 – 100+ domains per portfolio. Each portfolio contains only related domains, including services. The portfolios are not posted in any marketplace.

Over the years domains sold are “”, “”, “KeepItSimple.US, “”, “” and “”.

It is so great to find DNForum!

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Mar 29, 2014
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