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All dot com domain names for sale are contained within this thread.
Sep 26, 2022
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We have over 200 domains in One/Two/Three Words (actual SEO). Also famous brand names DM us.

Domains can be purchased with crypto as well. We have large selection of metaverse/crypto/nft domains as well.

Some of the alike domains (200), for sale are ; (OBOR - One Belt One Road or Silk Road Economic Belt is Chinese Government Protect. The routes connect more than 65 countries and regions from Asia to Europe, passing through Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia and the Middle East The domain has significant value for hotels, roads, businesses industry along the route etc as 65 countries road needs a platform) ( Khareedar means buyer in hindi/urdu language and domain is a diamond stone in South East Aisa and China. Including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc) (this is an active video website with half million visitors per month we have all domain extension for it, we are asking 10 Million Pounds for it. All the playvoo extensions will be sold together)

= Above like domains are in MM$, good buyer finder commission is also available.

(mean every house in hindi/urdu)

Also we have in legal sector ;

Both domains are active. Good price will broke the deal.


We have legal opinion from the top london law firm about below domains and these are legal, can be used as business as per law, a Barrister is involved in the purchase and backing it, lawyer details will be passed to seller and legal protection cover is given free until re-sold - we have over 100 names registered in this category, Investor is needed, seller is in contract with us) (sold MM$ by us)
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