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Jan 26, 2007
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We, offers services for domain develpment.

Do you have multiple domains for development and are NOT happy with "parking revenue"? Then we would be able to help you.

Why not domain parking?

Sure. Some domains could be earning more with domain parking while other domains have very little income from domain parking and for such domains, website development might be a very good option.

Even if you are making money from domain parking, you may want to develop them for a number of reasons.

Advantages of website development

There are multiple benefits from website development.

1) You site may well be ranked in Google much more favorably than parked domains.

2) You may be able to get more and more visitors with time and you would NOT be STUCK with only one page filled with ads. You may be able to add or write more articles in your leisure time and you would be able to MONETIZE the visitors to the site by a number of ways such as Adsense, Affiliated links etc...

3) There are many buyers everyday looking to buy developed websites and multiple transactions happening at sites like Flippa on daily basis ranging from xxx to xx,xxx or even six or seven figures for well developed sites.

Example Developed Websites with our services.

Barbados Tour (normal site)

Jet Charter Broker (normal website)

Student Consolidation Loan (wordpress powered)

Refurbishment .ORG
(wordpress powered)

Case Studies

Many of my recently developed sites have gone up the Google ranking and some are on page one


Website: Student Consolidation Loan

Google Ranking: First page for "student consolidation loan"

Previously the parked domain was way out of first pages of Google ranking.

Look below to see how you can pay for domain development with your domains.

Case Study 2

I recently developed one of my domains and it had gone upto first page of google.


Website: Barbados Tour

Google Ranking: First page for "Barbados Tour"

Look below to see how you can pay for domain development with your domains.

Why us?

No More Duplicated Content
We do value domains and we wouldn't want "Duplicated Content" or "Crappy Content".
Duplicated content may cause your domains to be deindexed or very poorly indexed.

Unique Articles (500 words ariticles)
We only use unique, Copyscape passed and well written 500 word articles.

Professional premium templates
No more "crappy templates". We use professional looking templates for developing our sites.

Clean looking sites ready for Monetizing
Websites are "professional, clean looking" and they are well developed and ready for monetizing by Adsense, Affiliated links etc...

Include Paid Images which are Royalty Free
We include appropriate images which are "paid images" and Royalty Free.

SEO with appropriate keywords
We take care of important SEO aspects of the website such as appropriate SEO titles, descriptions and keywords as well as keyword content in the articles.

You choose keywords and we write
You just choose your favorite 5 keywords and we would write SEO minded articles appropriately.

Features of Each Developed Websites

Either Wordpress powered or normal websites (You choose)

For Wordpress, we would install plugins such as [FONT=&quot]
  1. All In One SEO Pack
  2. Ping Optimizer
  3. Global Translator
  4. Google XML Sitemaps
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Sociable
  7. SEO NO Duplicate plugin
  8. Counterize II
  9. Akismet

5 x 500 words articles (You choose 5 favorite keywords)

FREE Web Hosting for your site (for 1 year) if you want, upto 250 MB (plenty for normal websites)

SEO titles, descriptions and keywords

Professional templates

Advertisements e.g. Adsense placement and integration


$150 per Website (normal price, Discount available for forum members)

Pay with your domains

If you don't want to pay for domain development for your domains, we may accept your domains if we like them in exchange for website development for your domains.

You may get upto over 100 developed sites by offering me one or more of your domains.

For example,


If I think your domain is worth $15,000, we would develop 100 websites in exchange for the domain. You don't need to pay cash but only your domain(s).


If I think you domain is worth, $1,500, we would develop over 10 websites for you in exchange for the domain. You DON'T have to pay any cash.


Discounts for Forum members

Discounts available for the Forum members.

Discounts for Bulk domain development
PM me for details if you like to order Bulk Development.

ORDER today. 15 % discount for the first 10 offers.

Any questions, PM me.


Admin (at)
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Buying Premium Domains
Jan 26, 2007
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I have had the first order with domain part-trading for the service.

I have added 2nd "Case Study".

I just developed it a few days ago.

The site is Barbados Tour

Currently today I found my site on first page of Google for "Barbados Tour".

Interested to exchange our services with your domains?

PM me.
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