Domain Days Dubai premium 3 letter .com domain name up for sale - 5,000-7,000 monthly type-ins

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Oct 19, 2005
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Feedback: 24 / 0 / 0 - this domain was sold for $34k and buyer had agreed in written but I don't have time to chase people around so I am just listing it here.

The 3 letter has very high quality letters in it and it ends with 'N' which could stand for Network, making it even more valuable.

There are couple of thousand business with "PDN" in their names.

It will be sold to highest offer here.


Obviously, its a premium 3 letter .com and most value lies in that rarity but this domain also receives high traffic. When it was parked 3 years ago, it was
receiving 3,000 visitors a month & doing $7-$8 day in PPC ad revenue.

In last 2-3 years I haven't been much active online (evident from my activity here). To show traffic stats, I recently started forwarding the domain to an affiliate (it also made 3 sale in last 2 months - near $100 revenue) and its receiving about 5,000 to 7,000 type-in visitors a month. I do not have PPC ads but if you have any Adsense account, you can try to monetize it the better way (ads instead of affiliate).

I am keeping the BIN to same as it was sold previously - $34k

BIN: $34K

Payment: or Bank wire. Buyer covers Escrow cost.


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Dec 12, 2006
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Feedback: 51 / 0 / 0
If you accept offers: $12k.
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