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developed PhantomSquare.com [PR4] - Square Enix Website

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Omar Hachem

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Apr 18, 2005
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This website bases its news/content/media on popular Square Enix titles, such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

Here are the specifications of the website itself:

Domain Name
- registered at namecheap.com
- expires on Sat 05/26/2007
- includes WhoisGuard protection up until expiry date

Website Details
- includes ALL website news, content and media [ http://www.phantomsquare.com ]
- includes topsites with over 120 members [ http://phantomsquare.com/topsites/ ]
- includes the design, as is, with no extra modifications or extra files

Traffic Details
- stats: http://www.phantomsquare.com/stats.jpg
- referrers: http://www.phantomsquare.com/referrers.jpg
- search engines: http://www.phantomsquare.com/search-engines.jpg

Take into account that advertising was not purchased at any given time. This website was built from the ground up.

Revenue Details
Google AdSense:
- HIGH [ http://www.phantomsquare.com/adsense.gif ]
- this month [ http://www.phantomsquare.com/adsense2.gif ]

As you can see, the revenue/traffic has dropped substantially, but that is due to the fact that news/content was deleted off the site from the previous owner (my friend).

Payment Details
- via PayPal
- starting bid: $200 US (increments of at least $10 or more)
- buy-it-now: $500 US

I'm basing the price on what I feel it deserves. Although it does not make too much now, it was not too long ago that cash flowed in left and right. Not only that, but A LOT of hard work was put into this site, and it has been through hell and back, you could say.

Closing Statement
If there is anything else you wish to know, do not hesitate to PM me. I am looking for a quick sale, so offer me something good, and it's all your's! Just on a side note... this website has a lot more potential. However, I have other projects I need to focus on. Therefore, I do not have the capabilities of making it what I wanted it to be.

Thank you, and lets begin with the offers!

NOTE: This is also being advertised at other forums, and I will keep everyone updated with the bids.
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