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offers Portfolio with over 40 domains for sale RegServ.com

Offers wanted on the domain(s) listed in the original post.


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Oct 30, 2008
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Unfortunately I have to sell all these domains ASAP (within December). Please make an offer for each domain you are interested or in bulk. Thank you

.im domains
.im domains are starting to attract more endusers and start ups
Here is a list of some .im domain sales: http://i.imgur.com/emRO5Nk.png

Beer.im - Beer.com sold for $7mln

PerfectNic was a nice project in theory, kind of hard to make due to lack of developing knowledge. The idea was to create a website where customers could register their won domain names (basically subdomains) in the following extensions. The focus was more on the mobile users. The site is live but not quiet functional. Content is not included in the sale. The domains included in the service are the following:
One recent sale with the keyword "mobi" http://i.imgur.com/BUML6qE.png


ProxyPromotion has been for a few years an online service that offered proxy websites. It has and have PR3 for a very long time.
proxy.al - Developed as a proxy site, it had some good traffic in the past but due to server downtimes the traffic dropped a lot.

WorkAtHome.info - Registered since 2002!

oz.tel - All two character domains are taken in the .tel TLD.
ProfitCash.com - Registered since 2002, great domain, easy to remember and brandable.

yy.al - In trend right now. Repeated "y" also premium chinese letter.

SEOur.com - Very brandable 5L domain with SEO keyword
SEO.pm - rare domain name, taken in almost any TLD!
HologramCreator.com - Great name for the hologram industry. Very brandable!

7088879.com - With triple 8!
1018101.com - Palindrome domain!
2011120.com - Triple 1
7681689.com - No 4 or 0
456789.info - Great pattern
0L.eu - Rare 2 character domain
Numb.info - Registered since 2001. It may stand for "numbers" which I developed into a site to sell numeric domains.

RegServ.com - "Registration Service", bought this domain for the only reason to create a domain registration service. The domain is registered since 1995, 20 years old domain! Curently it is a domain reseller website where I could host all the domains of mine. I couldn't promote this service unfortunately With this website will come the following domains:
Pasting.net - Could be developed as a copy/pasting text website
BottleSizes.com - Interesting domain which may have enduser potential.
USAWebmail.com - Very old domain, registered since 1998, can be deleoped as a email marketing service or email provider.
ImageFileHost.com - Easy to remember, easy to develop as an image hosting site, very SEO friendly.
Health-Advices.com - Registered since 2004, can be easily developed for health advices
BuyNetbook.com - Great keyword for an affiliate website site! Registered since 2008
Bioecology.net - Registered since 2007. Great one word domain for an ecology website.
t-o-s.com - Terms Of Service? Registered since 2005 .net/org taken L-L-L.com domains are usually sold over $1k
ACMilan.info - One of the best Italian soccer teams. Winner of lots of european cups. Excellent domain for a fan site!
WebStudio101.com - Registered since 2001, makes the domain perfect for a online studio service website. Very bandable
unet.info - One of the first .info domains registered since this TLD was realized. Registered in September 2001
hahaha.info - Registered since 2006, have been developed for several years. Taken in many TLDs.

Estibot appraisal for this portfolio is over $15,000

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