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advertisement Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) Permanent License - INSANE Discount ($12.900 Value)


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Apr 16, 2009
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I'm selling my Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) account with a permanent 'professional' (Elite) license on it.

Check all features here.

This is a powerful enterprise level affiliate software with everything you'd ever need for running your own in-house program.

The license costs $12.900 and yearly (optional) updates are close to $900.

However, if you buy from me, you will pay only $3500 for the license AND you will also get a discounted updates rate of $200/y.

You'll need to update it once because I haven't in a long time nor do I plan to.

If you are looking to start your own affiliate program, this is a one time chance of securing an enterprise level solution dirt cheap.

You will NOT find a discount like this elsewhere.

Message me and we'll discuss payment. Preferably Escrow dot com

I can accept crypto as well.

Transfer is super easy, you'll get login details from me and it's yours.

The software is relatively easy to set up and configure. If you know how to install & manage Wordpress, you're good to go!
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