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developed PR5 Linux news site for sale - LinuxOS.pro

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Rob Kennedy

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Jan 14, 2012
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I’m entertaining offers for the site in the low $x,xxx range as I have some other projects that could use my attention and some $ to boost them up a bit.

Site: http://LinuxOS.pro

I started LinuxOS.pro as a Linux News site a little over a year ago. Since then it has seen a huge boost in traffic – probably because google has been good to us for keywords and placement. We’ve also seen our backlinks grow over this past year.

Some info in a nutshell:

  • Monthly Visitors: 5k
  • Monthly Page views: 10k
  • Google PageRank: PR5
  • Alexa Rank: 1,211,300
  • Pages in Google: 4k
  • SEMRush Rank: 1,077

Google recently let us grace the first page when searching for the phrase ‘Linux News’ (in between linuxjournal and slashdot!). I’m already seeing some steady growth because of this.

About 95% of the news posted is auto-post.. from various Linux RSS feeds. Some users are starting to submit news however, which is where I'd like to see growth if I were to keep it.

If you’re interested, contact me @ rob@linuxos.pro.

I’m not determined to sell it – but do see it as an avenue to help boost my other projects. If I’m able to receive a nice offer for it, I’ll sell it.
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