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Mar 29, 2014
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London, UK, April 15, 2023


Helmuts Meskonis, a renowned entrepreneur and domain name investor, has successfully acquired the largest UK domain name investor forum, The transaction was completed on April 13, 2023. The owner company is Helmuts Limited, and the company to operate Acorn Domains forum is No Stress Limited, which also operates the global hosting brand HostMaria.

The acquisition follows almost a year of negotiations and builds on Helmuts's broader strategy to guarantee the success of the upcoming London Domain Summit by securing his ability to inform Acorn Domain forum's members of this annual B2B convention London Domain Summit for the global and European domain name industry. The London Domain Summit, which brings together the domain name industry, is scheduled to take place later this August 22-23 at Hilton London Metropole., the oldest UK domain name investor community, and forum, and has over 15400 registered members and more than 625000 posts. The acquisition aligns well with London Domain Summit's mission to connect the domain name industry and create more business opportunities for everyone in the industry.

Commenting on the acquisition, Helmuts Meskonis said:
"I am thrilled to have completed the acquisition of The forum has a long-standing, almost sacred, reputation as one of the most valuable resources for domain name investors in the UK and beyond, and we are committed to ensuring its continued success.
We are excited to announce that we will be bringing in several more moderators from the established Acorn Domains community to help ensure that the forum continues to be a friendly and safe place for everyone. Our goal is to provide an environment that fosters productive discussions and connections, while also promoting the financial success of all of our members.
With the addition of moderators, we hope to maintain order and civility in all discussions, allowing everyone to feel comfortable and respected while participating. By doing so, we believe that we can help our members achieve even greater success in their business ventures, and strengthen the bonds of our community.
We firmly believe that if there is no order, there can be no peace and prosperity. With that in mind, we are committed to making our forum the best possible place for all members to learn, grow, and connect.
And also a huge thanks to Steve Napier for carrying the torch for so many years, and letting me be a part of what I think is one of the most important resources in the UK domain industry; it is truly an honor."

Helmuts Meskonis is also working on several other strategic partnership deals related to both and London Domain Summit. The first strategic partnership has already been signed with the London-based Intis Telecom, specifically the fast-growing domain name zone

The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

For more information about the acquisition or the London Domain Summit, please contact Helmuts Meskonis via email at

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