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Apr 22, 2022
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So much time has passed since I have added some of my parked domain names to Flippa, that I actually forgot that I had even had a Flippa account.

That was until the other day ,when I received a message notification via Flippa, saying that someone was interested in one of my Domains. The message was basic, saying that he was interested in one of my domains and he wanted to know best way to contact me. ….
Myself (being a Flippa rookie)went ahead and gave them my direct email and phone number .. was this a complete mistake?

The following day He emailed me back saying something along the lines of “ to show you that I am qualified and have the funds to purchase your domain name, I want to let you know a little bit about myself blah blah blah……”
He goes on to say, “can you please teach me a little bit more about domain names, for example how many people does it take to run them and how much does it cost?”

That struck me as a little bit odd.

I deceided to go back and check out his Flippa account to try and gain any info from his profile on the number of transactions he has made, years of membership, ect… Turns out he was a new member when he sent me the initial message via Flippa, and within no more than a week - his account is already suspended.

Should I be skeptical? I tried to look and see if there were any known scams, but I can’t find any solid information.

I would appreciate any feedback you may be able to provide.
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Feb 21, 2023
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He is a scammer.I had these sam experiences with I actually don't advertise anymore on that platform because it's hard to figure out whose scamming or not. The same guy asked me the same thing and even emailed me. His first initials where CB and then when I got the email it was from JC. But overall don't fall into any scams dealing with individuals wanting to pay thru escrow because they can lock the funds and you won't get them and receiving funds thru crypto accounts. Overall my advice LEAVE FLIPPA ALONE.

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