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Jul 1, 2006
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The established dating ebook website: is for sale.

Seduction Non-Adult Business is For Sale!
Built To Perfection By Corey Rudl's Business Model!

Quick Website Overview:

Over 2 million of potential customers!

Guaranteed to make money (details below)

Built by famous Corey Rudl's model

Powerful sales copy that sells

Comes with marketing and tech support

And a lot of pleasant surprise is waiting for a winner

Totally Unique & Authentic Business Built From Scratch by Corey Rudl's Business Model!

We'll do search engine marketing for you using
Web Position Gold software.

Website was built by very well known Corey Rudl's model! The sales copy and website design were done EXACTLY how Corey Rudl suggests in his Marketing Course.

And for those who do not know Corey Rudl -- he was a self made online multi millionaire. He was charging thousands of dollars to write a sales copy ad and we did it just like he suggested - check it out on And best of all when we gave printed copy to couple of people for review, we did not just got responses as "good job" -- we were asked "how can I get these ebooks?" Now, THAT'S A POWERFUL SALES COPY AD!!!

Ordering is currently disabled on the website but will be reactivated after the sale.

Please read all the information carefully because I try to answer every question you might have...

What's for sale?

The whole website, domain name and collection of over 80+ guides on how to attract women. They are compressed into one single guide that is available for shipment or instant download - your choice. This collection is totally unique and original, never sold anywhere else!

Why is this business for sale?

We specialize in developing successful business opportunities. That's our specialty! Before building any business, we do in-depth research to make sure it will be profitable. We also research the profit margins to make sure you get the maximum amount of money possible from every single sale you make. We found that product that's offered on Romantic Power is in extremely high demand. Then, we developed a product, website and compiled it into the whole system so you can forget about developing efforts and focus on marketing only!

However, we did not build this website just for sale. We built it for our portfolio and everything is done there to perfection! This is one of these websites that people hunt for! Not a cookie cutter, not template driven -- but pure, 100% unique and authentic business.

Also, unlike many other companies, we offer a marketing course to ensure your online success. This course will show you how to get at least 500 visitors daily starting in 24 hours! And it will show you how to literally skyrocket your sales! All the details about our marketing course are listed below.

Why this business will make money?

Because there are several proven facts about this business:

Men who are unlucky with women WILL SPEND MONEY in order to be able to attract women! Period! They buy pretty much everything they can, starting with expensive cars to impress women and ending things like pheromones and "how to guides". And Romantic Power collection sells for only $39.00 - making it affordable to everyone, yet keeping healthy profits for you. If you want - you can always change the price.

There is not much quality content about picking up and dating women out there. Sure, there are some ebooks and stuff like that but most of them written by one guy who is successful with women, or maybe not, you never know! However, Discover Sexuality collection contains over 80 ebooks written by different authors and it contains the best quality content. We did not just include every single ebook in there - we were reviewing everything before insertion into our collection. When people find out that there are over 80 ebooks - they will purchase with much greater desire from you than from others, who sell just 1 ebook.

Sales copy was written by following the materials from Corey Rudl's marketing course. When we wrote a sales copy for one of our websites, we generated a visitor-to-sales conversion ratio of 18%!!! This is crazy because normal conversion ratio is only 1%. This means 18 people out of 100 were buying our product. And this sales copy was written EXACTLY by same system. We wouldn't be surprised if it has even greater conversion ratio because this business has much less competition than ours.

We keep your visitors entertained on the website by providing free tips and tricks about picking up women. And that's what Corey Rudl suggested as well. Your visitors will spend much more time on your website than if let's say it did not offer any free info. People just love free info and they buy from those who offer it because they are not offended that all you are trying to do is make a sale.

We offer you state of the art promotional course to maximize your sales success. We will not give you some cheap outdated ebook about "how to make money with banner ads". No... Instead we will give you marketing course that we personally use for website promotions. It contains the most intense information about promoting pretty much any website and stuff like "how to sell ice to Eskimos". It contains information on how to make people buy your product even they never thought of buying it. It contains secret formulas about how customer's mind works and what objections they have. It has info on getting hundreds of visitors to your website for free the first day you start promotion and much, much more. In-depth details about marketing course are outlined below.

Your website was optimized and submitted to search engines on 7/31/06. It will be there soon and we will monitor it in about 2 weeks to make sure it is doing it's best. We will resubmit if needed.

As mentioned above this website was created for our portfolio, but not just a web design portfolio! We need it for our marketing portfolio. So, we will help you with marketing! We will do search engine advertising for you while you can do all other types of advertising. And because we need a good feedback - we'll make sure it's doing it's best in search engines. However, we want to tell you straight ahead - it might take several months to pull it into the top positions so be patient while we are dong our work. You can always market it your way while we do our job.

There are 1,515,292 people looked for word "dating" alone in Overture during April of 2006. Take a look:

Look at the searches done in Overture during March and April of 2006. Take a look:

Searches done in April 2006

Search Term

dating services


dating site

online dating

adult dating

Also look at searches for keyword "attraction":

Searches done in March 2006

Search Term


How much money can you make with this website?

If you sell only 1 product per day, you will make $1,170.00 per month which is $14,040.00 in sales annually. Sell 10 collections daily and make $11,700.00 per month and $140,400.00 per year.

You probably saw estimated profit potentials all over other auctions but nobody tells you why is it possible to make so much money. So, let us explain you why it is possible with our product.

Our product has $39.00 of profit margin if it is set as instant download. If it will be shipped as a CD, this profit margin can be easily kept by charging the customer $5.00 shipping & handling fee. This will be more than enough to buy a CD and pay for mail.

Anyways, the point is it has high profit margin. And let's face it - with such a profit margin you can easily plan a "PPC (pay per click) game". Even if you pay $0.10 per click (while there are many PPCs that still have top positions for five or six cents per click), you can get 390 visitors out of $39.00, which is equal to your profit margin per one sale! And if you will pull 18% of sales out of 100 targeted customers, which is very predictable - it will bring you 70 sales in average per your $39.00

That's $2,730.00!!!

This is what it means to have a high profit margin! That is exactly how people become millionaires online: they offer needed and unique product with high profit margins!

And even if you make only half of the figure mentioned above - you are still playing "the big boy's game".

Remember - we used PPC advertising just as an example. There are so many other marketing methods that we will show you in our marketing course. All you have to do is not be lazy and advertise this business (we'll help you with that).

Now, think for a moment - can you make so much money with low profit margin products? Of course not, you'll even loose the "PPC game"...

How will your orders be handled?

You have 3 choices:

We can set you up with instant download.

You can burn the whole collection on CD and ship it to your customer.

We can ship CDs for you for $10.00 - this includes shipping, handling, tracking #, CD cost and labor cost.

Who will process credit card payment?

It is really up to you. You can use Pay Pal, Click Bank or we can help you get a merchant account with $0.00 in set up fees and lowest rates in the World (if you are in USA)! We got connections from being a long time in the business.

What do you get with this business?

You will get:

Website with awesome design.

Easy to remember domain

Resell rights to all of the ebooks.

All the graphics that come with this business.

Marketing Resolved promotional course (more info is listed below).

Certificate of ownership for this business.

Technical and marketing support for one full year by email

What about hosting?

Right now this website is hosted for $5.00 per month with an excellent hosting company that we trust. But the great news is when you bid on this auction THE FIRST YEARS HOSTING IS FREE.

Can I run this business from UK, France, Russia, Malaysia, etc?

Even from Africa. As soon as you got internet connection, you can run it from anywhere in the World, no matter where you at.

Now, here is more information about marketing Resolved course that you will get for free with this auction:

Marketing Resolved© Course Version 3 (Just Released!). This is one of the best marketing courses available online! You are getting $197.00 value for free! This powerful course will turn any novice into an experienced marketer in just matter of days. This is an original course that covers information on promotion not available anywhere else. Below are just few examples of the information covered by the course:

How to start driving real visitors to your website instantly, within 24 hours.

How to get in Yahoo in just matter of days for free. Do not wait months and do not pay any fees. There is one very simple trick that will put your website in Yahoo amazingly fast.

How to get top positions in search engines within just weeks - legally! If you can dedicate only 15 - 30 minutes just a couple days a week - you can easily be indexed at the top spots of search engines. Learn this simple trick that will help you get rankings way higher than your competitors.

A simple psychological formula that makes people buy now! And if they don't - your offer will get stuck in their head until they buy. This proven formula turned non profitable websites into powerful money makers. By using this formula you will obtain the power to have a website with an over 18% visitor-to-sale conversion ratio.

One must have feature on every website that is proven to generate profits over and over again. Learn how you can turn a visitor into a lifetime customer automatically!

Where and how to recruit thousands of super affiliates for free! Learn secret places where super affiliates are looking for affiliate programs and what you need to do in order to convince them run your program. One simple trick will teach you how to make supper affiliates run your affiliate program and never look at your competitors.

Learn how only 1 hour of your time can increase your profits by as much as 1200%

Learn 3 reasons why website visitors do not buy. And learn how to overcome their objections easily.

Learn where to get a state of the art merchant account for free! Others pay over $500.00 to have the same type of merchant account.

...and much, much more!

That's pretty much all the information we can tell you now, however if you have more questions, please feel free to ask us.

Please feel free to PM me an offer
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