Rule 20 Misconstrued?

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Sep 15, 2009
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Have I misinterpreted rule [HASHTAG]#20[/HASHTAG] or is there a bug within the forum only allowing 3 links for exclusive members?

20. Your forum signature may not exceed 3 lines and 200 characters in length, and may contain no more than 1 link (Platinum) or 3 links (Exclusive). Adult links are not allowed in your signature for any membership level. Gold level and under may not have links in signatures. The use of your forum signature to attack another member is not allowed. HTML and images have been disabled in signatures, with the exception that Exclusive members may post 1 image and use that as a link as well, if desired. Your signature must abide by the forum rules that apply to posts.

By reading this, I am allowed 3 links as an exclusive member. However, I am also allowed 1 image and use that as a link as well, making this a total of 4 links.

If a signature picture cannot be a link if an exclusive member has met the "maximum" of 3 links (not counting the implied 4th link in the context of how it's written), the rule should be modified to state so.

Thank you.
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