- A Rare Offer To Buy A Legendary 18 Year Pr3 - Premium Generic Domain

Feb 1, 2007
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For sale is domain, a legendary 18 year old ultra-premium LLLL domain.

This is a great opportunity to invest in the best keyword rich name available today.
is an epic LLLL word domain that features highly in searched words across the globe with millions of searches daily.
Vision: My previous scope for was to create a membership site for all salespersons who could elevate their sales profiles with Sell.Org online training programs and unique tutorials.

Unfortunately our chosen developers were literally wiped out of business due to the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda last year and this project was at an end.
An excerpt from our former development proposal:
•Video training covering the best current marketing strategies.
•Membership access to plr content with exclusive software for resell.
•Membership perks with free hosting for members to purchase premium domains.
Proposed website features:
•A professional front page presentation video featuring a professionally written script and presenter.
•Premium membership software for WordPress that includes a built in affiliate program and ticket support system.
•Premium tracking software to test promotional pages and tweak for higher conversions.
•Premium lead-generation survey software for gathering potential customer emails for further promotion.

Previous .org sales: - $1,000,000 - $150,349 - $114,100 - $105,500 - $99,000

The new owner will receive a the domain transfer to their own GoDaddy account.
Please do not bid if you cannot pay as shown or have an alternative method you would like to use and have not discussed beforehand.
Terms: Accept payment via Escrow Services at equal expense.
Domain names are the raw land of the Internet and similar to physical real estate locations, no matter what you build on your website, its value is in large part dependent upon the domain name.
I wish you all well with your bidding and future with this unique offer for
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