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.com [SELL] Website and Domain For Sell www.ottoreviews.com -BIN $99 - Reserve $35

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Jan 23, 2022
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Website Cars News and Reviews with - Awesome Contents!​

This website aims to present the latest news about motorcyle and cars tips and reviews.

What You Will Receive:
  • Premium domain name www.ottoreviews.com 2022-11-17
  • Free Theme Speed
  • Hosting Until Des 2023 (1GB)
  • If you have hosting, I will help you transfer your website to your hosting account for FREE. (a value of $40).
  • Transfer domain ownership to you for FREE.
  • You get a comprehensive list of advertising programs that you can join to start generating income with your website.
  • Professional Customer Support 24 Hours A Day. (a value of $200).

About This Website:
This website aims to present the latest news about cars reviews and tips. We committed to provide information with more detail and have credibility.
There is very little maintenance required on your part and due to the automated features, the websites are much more secure.
The websites are fully customizable; therefore, you can update the look and design anytime, including the layout and color scheme.You have the option to add, delete or update the website's content. In the secure admin panel, you can include articles, videos, and graphics. It is just as simple as using Microsoft Word.
What is required to keep the business operational?
  • Just Updating Plugins and WordPress once in a month.
Why are you selling the business?
  • I am a developer and unable to get time for it, as I need to give more attention to my other projects also.
How does the business generate revenue?
  • Submit to your adsense account, and if approve you will get revenue from there
  • but it designed in such a way that you can use any other network also such as Adsense, Affiliate, Click-bank, Amazon, Media.net, CPA, ShareaSale etc.
Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?
Just Domain and Hosting Renewal once in a year ($30)
What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?
SEO, Speed and Backlinks from authority sites (Report Attached)
Other Outstanding Features
  • Distinct responsive layout for any device.
  • 100% safe from Google updates and ideal for affiliate networks.
  • SEO friendly, index on Google quickly.
  • Save time editing and managing the website.
  • Ideal for newbies. No experience required.
  • Best premium plugins built-in.
  • The website operates on the most up-to-date version of WordPress.
  • Content material is placed on the website automatically many times each day.
  • Fully customizable theme allows you to totally modify the style, appearance, and feel of the website with zero coding knowledge.
  • Speed Theme and Userfriendly
  • Social media likes & shares built-in for Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Set up to start generating income with AdSense or any Affiliate program of your choice.
  • Only the best available plugins have been installed.
  • Comprehensive technical Ad support: Numerous advertisement spots throughout the website to service any advertising and marketing program that you want, including Google AdSense, Amazon, Clickbank.com, PropellerAds.com, Hilltopads.com, CJ.com, RevenueHits.com and much more.
  • The website includes a Privacy Policy webpage (vital for Google AdSense).
  • The website comes with a Disclaimer webpage (essential for Google AdSense along with other affiliate networks).
  • Anti-spam plugin installed to eliminate comment spam.
  • An SEO plugin is installed to improve on-page search engine optimization.
Professional Support:
Once you complete your order, I will do the installation and transfer for you. You don't have to do anything! I will take care of all the technical issues unless you insist on doing that part on your own. You will have questions regarding your website and I'll be here to answer all of them.
Other sellers will only provide support for up to 30 days, but my support is unlimited. Say if you have a question or issue 2 years down the road, you will get my technical support for FREE!!!

NOTE-: If you need additional help or have some questions? Please don’t hesitate to PM me.
Thank You For Your Interest! Best Of Luck!


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