developed 300% Instant Profit. Fully Outsourced SEO Supplier Business

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Dec 31, 2010
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Starting Bid $50

BIN 150

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300% Instant Profit Per sale. Fully Outsourced. Sell 38+ Popular SEO Services.

You are not buying just a website; you are buying a full, complete and proven business model that can potentially make steady four figure monthly incomes for years. is a reseller of 38+ in demand SEO services. This is NOT an affiliate site where you will only be making 10%-25% of the sale and hope that you will get paid.

This is your own reseller business where you will be making more than 300% on each and every sale deposited directly to your PayPal account.

This is a PROVEN business model, excellent for newbies who are just getting started with making money online. You don’t need any experience or technical skills to run this business.

300% + PROFIT


Most SEO reseller’s website only offers few services to their clients. Your website offers 38+ of the best SEO services. Of course you can change the prices to whatever you like, but after testing package prices have found the current are the most effective.

Here is how it works.

Customers come to your website and order SEO services and pay you directly to your PayPal account.
You Order the same service from the supplier's website.
When supplier sends you the completed order, just forward it to your customers.

The website was built on the very stable Wordpress CMS. You can manage all your customers’ orders, update prices, create new products, delete products, update product description and many other tasks.

The winner of this auction will get a PDF Guide on Managing and Promoting Your Website - Reseller’s Instruction. This Guide will explain

1. How to work with supplier.

2. How to obtain Traffic and start making sales.

Look For More Marketing material in the BIN Bonuses.

All you have to do to make grate money with is to add your PayPal Payment Email (We can do it for you), drive traffic to the website and let the system work for you 24-7.

How Much Can You Make From This Website?

1- SEO Services (Small Plans)
You sell for $19.95 per plan
Supplier Cost: $4.49
Your Profit $15+
Sell 5 Plans Per day 5x15= $75 Per day
That is $2250 Per month just from the small Plans

2- SEO Services (Big Plans)

You sell for $59.95 per plan
Supplier Cost: $14.49
Your Profit $45+
Sell 5 Plans Per day 5x45= $225 Per day
That is $6750 Per month just from the BIG Plans

$2250 + $6750 = $9000 Per month.

The Above amount is not a “pie in the sky”. It is possible to reach it within short period of time.
Social sharing is now one of the most important factors in SEO rankings considered by Google and the other major search engines. Website must show “Social Proof” in order to rank high in the search engines after all the Panda and Penguin updates. That is the reason why selling social media services like “Twitter Followers”, Facebook Fans”, “Youtube Views” Google+1 and other social media is a GOLDEN opportunity in very high demand services.

The List of services your website will offer
1. Full SEO Audit
2.6000 Profile Backlinks

3.6000 Blog Comments
4.350 PR 4+ Backlinks
5.150 PR 5-7 Backlinks
6.100 EDU Backlinks
7.100 Social Bookmarks
8.1000 PR 1+ Backlinks
9.5 PR 4-7 Links Wheel
10.15 PR 4-8 Social Bookmarks
11.15 PR 5-8 Web 2.0 Profile Backlinks
12.12 PR 3-7 RSS Submissions
13.200 Facebook Fans
14.500 Twitter Followers
15.6000 Unique Visitors
16.50 Google+ Followers
17.General Article
18.SEO Article
19.Article Spinning
20.Logo Design
21.Header Design
22.Banner Design
23. 5000 backlinks pyramid
24.15 .EDU links pyramid
25.40,000 blog comment backlinks
26.9 PR 9 Backlinks
27.150+ Real Google +1 Votes
28. 280 Angela Style Backlinks
29.3 GOV Backlinks
30.1500 Contextual WIKI Backlinks
31.1500 High PR directories Submission
32.Google, Yahoo & Bing Indexing
33.100 Pinterest Repin
34.100 Pinterest Followers
35.3000 Youtube Views
36.300 Youtube Likes
37.1000 FacebookFans
38.3000 TwitterFollowers

BIN Bonuses

1- One year of FREE hosting or FREE transfer of the site to your own hosting.
2- You will get a custom marketing material for the website that would include:

* Ready to use Adwords Campaigns including tested Keywords, Text Ads, Banners and Videos on how to set up your Adword campaigns the right way to make profit.
* A high end power point presentations for the services that you provide on your website. You can even tern them to a video presentation and use it to market your website.
* Proficiently Written sales letters for the SEO services.

4- You will get a source where you can buy a ready activated adwords account with $100 credit loaded for less than $7. This is not a voucher where you have to hassle with creating an account and verifying it. Upon purchase, you will get the account login info. This will help you to start advertising immediately, save you lots of time and money.

Don’t wait any longer. STOP reading this listing over and over. Push the BIN button NOW before somebody else takes it a way from you. This is a real and proven business concept unlike a lot of the “JUNK” website selling here.

Serious bidders ONLY. Payment is due within 24 Hours of the auction end.

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