Setting-up CNAME or A Address for a ".AM" TLD Domain Name - Please Help!


Azam Marketing, Inc.
Sep 3, 2005
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We are having a nightmare setting up the CNAME or A Address setting for a .am domain name.

Bizarrely, the registry for .am domain names does not seem to allow DNS changes other than to change the nameservers.

So, after days of investigatations, we eventually discovered that a solution was to use Cloudflare's Free DNS Service.

What Cloudflare states is:

"Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)
Please ensure your website is using the nameservers provided:"

However, our domain name registrar states these nameservers are not valid.

Is there any other (ideally free) full DNS management service we can point the nameservers to please?

Has anybody else found a solution to setting up the CNAME or A Address for a .am domain name?

Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your co-operation.
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