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Feb 20, 2015
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1. SHOOTING.io is nearing it's last day and though pretty stagnant the majority of the Auction time, holding at 1 bid/$1 for a large portion of it; it looks to be picking up some interest as it nears the end as we've picked up another 5 bidders over the last few days for a total of 6 bidders as of the time I write this. Current price is around $45 based on 10 bids. This is a no reserve Auction, so somebody is going away with this strong exact match keyword domain with the increasingly popular .io extension. Shooting is superb exact match search term showing upwards of 137,000 exact match searches each month and around 25 million broad match searches are made each month containing keyword "Shooting" as well. Shooting is a strong keyword in a numerous diverse niches; from Video Gaming to Firearm Sports, to Basketball/Hockey, to Newsworthy reports of School/Public Places Shootings; and even hits up the entertainment industry and crashes their ultra classy foto shoots and video shoots. SHOOTING.io

  • Domain: SHOOTING.io
  • Direct Link at Flippa
  • No Reserve Auction; Current Price as of 4/24/2015 at 8:40am PDT is $45 based on 10 bids
  • Auction ends Saturday April 25, 2015 at 3:30pm PDT
  • Remaining time as of the date of this original post: 1 day 18 hours

2. WINNING.io was just recently listed for sale but I would imagine this one gets at least a little bit of attention on Flippa, where .io extension domains are highly sought after for one reason or another. Winning has deep routes in gambling and games; a global love of pretty much all humans and in fact, WINNING may just be the purpose of life. Also a famous saying of Charlie Sheen and in fact I believe the official Charlie Sheen Fan Club webpage is Winning.com or Winning.net; one of the two. In any event; Winning is also a strong exact match keyword and statistics show that 74,000 exact match searches are made every month and not only that; 6 million broad match searches contain the word Winning as well. An exact match search for winning in google search seems to bring up a little over 3 TRILLION search results. Winning is certainly on a lot of people's minds. Estibot values WINNING.io at approximately $14,000; we will soon find out what the true value of this domain is at least based upon the circumstantial facts and situations that happen to surround the time period that I have chosen for this particular Auction. This is also a NO RESERVE auction and will most likely, unless people have lost their mind and won't even pay $1 for the domain, will be going home with someone.

  • Domain: WINNING.io
  • Direct Link at Flippa
  • No Reserve Auction, Current price as of 4.24.2015 at 8:52am PDT is $1 based on 0 bids.
  • Auction ends Wednesday May 13, 2015 at 9:00pm PDT
  • Remaining time as of the date of this original post is: 19 days 12 hours
3. ICK.io was just recently relisted after not being able to find a home the first time around. This was certainly not for a lack of interest as it has carried over the 25 watchers of the first auction and hopes to add many more as we get the word out about ICK's availability. ICK can be used in many different ways; as an acronym, something involving fish; or as we prefer; something to celebrate the grotesque. EIther way, it's a ICKy way but somebody's gotta do it. ICK is indeed an official Dictiornary word and has multiple meanings; our favorite being an exclamation of disgust; which we feel can be married with just way too many concepts that new start ups and biotech and other tech companies would be able to utilize to their benefit. ICK may seem a bit low key, but ICK is in fact quite a strong keyword, with statistics showing 27,000 exact match searches every month and among 2,287,000 broad match searches. ADS CPC is at $3.67 for those 27,000 exact match searches for keyword ICK; ICK.io has potential to be quite an asset.

  • Domain: ICK.io
  • Direct Link at Flippa
  • No Reserve Auction. Current Price $1 with 0 Bids as of 4/24/2015 at 9:10am PDT
  • Auction Ends Tuesday May 12, 2014 at 12:30pm PDT
  • Remaining time as of the date of this original post is 18 days, 3 hours

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