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Sep 24, 2005
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Small Penis Guide is a collection of self-written & researched articles detailing how you can make the most of your small penis and how you can get more bang with your wang. Sitei s 3 months old, created in September.

The site promotes the SizeGenetics penis extender device which pays an average of $50-$175 commission per sale. Payment is sent through PayPal every fortnight assuming the $100 minimum payout limit is met.

The way I've promoted the SizeGenetics device isn't very strong and can definitely be improved upon. Right now it's just promoted through a direct link from the website (left sidebar) and affiliate links on videos I've uploaded. I also have a page on the site which recommends the SizeGenetics device along with a discount code that people can use:


Site has mainly been promoted through video sites.

- Signature link on warriorforum
- Answers posted on Yahoo answers with a link back to the site

- Outsourced video submission to 22 video sites:
smallpenisguide [DOT] com/videos.txt for full list

- Sizegenetics review video with 1,000+ paid views and 74 likes:

(Video is included with the sale)

Traffic stats:

Never installed Google Analytics and only recently activated Awstats, so I only have stats for the past month or so:


More Awstats screenshots:

SizeGenetics stats (through affiliate network)


Buy It Now Price: $50.00

Payment accepted through PayPal.

Thank you for looking!
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