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Sep 15, 2009
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I know you can click on a person's name in the "postbit" section of a thread/post by an individual to start a new conversation, but what if you want to view their profile first (see trading comments, etc.)? :confused:

If you go to someone's profile page, it doesn't have a "start conversation" link, which makes you either go back to the post get the popup or to the "Conversations" icon and hope you can spell their name close enough and remember what their avatar was to get the right person. o_O

Can we get a "start conversation" built into the profile (a suggested position for this would be in the area of "Report Ignore Follow" area). :cool:

Additionally, I believe that the two boxes to the left (following, followers) should be shifted down as this is a forum and not about social networking. Nobody really pays attention to who you follow or who's following you, rather more about you (since it is your profile, your homepage, location and occupation should go after the stats held on the forum IMO). Either shift them down or let us rearrange our own, a hybrid of Facebook and MySpace as you would. :rolleyes:

There are two ideas that if others think they're good (assuming this is somewhat of a democratic forum) you could work in on your spare time. ;)

Also, could we get more emoticons? We're limited to 12 expressions on how we feel. :mad:

I know that 12 is far beyond the 7 basic human emotions, but this site has a comprehensive list breaking them down: (not mine) and as you can see, with the limitation of 12, we merely cannot express ourselves without writing. Plus I liked the BAN one, rolling around, banging the keyboard, etc. Bring them back! :)
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Dec 20, 2007
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Adam/guys, don't get me wrong, I love what you did with the DNF site and small bugs need time to be fixed.... but I agree w/David, I miss the old huge emoticon assortment (100+ you had ?), I know these are new gen emoticons, more advanced software, so maybe you can't have like 100 ....but some 25 good ones ....? (or 50 while you're at it and if it's not too complicated ? ;)) I know newer sites and different systems/platforms have their own requirements/restrictions, and more advanced doesn't necessarily mean that many more choices.... (though it should), it has happened at other sites I'm a fan of, I know it takes lots of work...

It's just I tend to write in LOOONG sentences (rite, biggedon ? LMFAO.... I'm sure he agrees about this) and with the previous DNF the right emoticon added so much if in the right place, without having to spell things out, yeah, I miss them... :( (tho I might tend to overuse them at times...) :rolleyes: :D
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