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Jan 15, 2005
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Sites and domains for sale. Please post SOLD to claim. - $80
File sharing web site. -$30
California Blog 30+ uniques per month. -$40
Fully coded web site. CSS/html.
Web hosting directory for sale, custom design. - $20
Forum directory. Highly developable domain name. - $25
Casino/arcade domain name. 2 word. - $30
Web hosting directory or hosting site. Be the king of hosting! -$25
Domain name plus design for sale (PSD) - $15
great arcade domain name.$20
Would make a fantastic puzzle web site. Crosswords
etc.. good potential.$25
I was going to set this up as an expired domains web site were i would offer the customer a catch service.Or would make a nice domain blog.$25
Teenage forum, message board.$15
Collocation Hosting domain name. If you sell collocation you need this domain.$20
This was going to be a big project of mine. I wanted to set up a huge forum for web hosts to come and chat.$20
Web Hosts Cafe it would make a good forum or directory.$40
Offering custom forum solutions. Forum design and hack creations? - $35
Highly brandable domain name. With all the domains getting snapped up, its just a matter of time before there are none left. Grab this gem. -$50
Premium 4 domain name -$35
Premium 4 domain name -$35
Premium 4 domain name

Please pm me if interested.

Not open for further replies.

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