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Feb 15, 2006
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Let's share our ideas on emerging technologies or trends that we think will be the NEXT BIG THING. I've put in tons of research in these. He are my 3 NEXT BIG THINGs predictions that I've been investing in. These are just my personal picks. I hope this can help some of you in finding that golden domain name! Like this post if it is helpful! And pm me if you need any help or advice.

I think FOG computing is going to be big and worth investing. It is the natural progression of cloud technology with such players as Cisco looking to lead the pack as it stands. Here is a quote:
"Fog provides unique advantages for services across several verticals such as IT, entertainment, advertising, personal computing etc. Cisco is specially interested in proposals that focus on Fog Computing scenarios related to Internet of Everything (IoE), Sensor Networks, Data Analytics and other data intensive services to demonstrate the advantages of such a new paradigm, to evaluate the trade-offs in both experimental and production deployments and to address potential research problems for those deployment"
Open network or open networking SDN is big yet still in a very early stage of development and deployment. With the entire networking world switching to SDN Software Defined Networking with the unlikely Facebook leading this movement in open protocles with all the other big players like Cisco, Vyatta, Broadcom on board. This is very big news. Google it!!! Also Google Open Network Operating System (ONOS).

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are already a big deal in the education realm. It is changing the entire college and university landscape!
Beacon Network Technology is absolutely a massive change in retail and the way advertisement will be delivered. This is the future now. This is the biggest change in retail since the acceptance of the credit card. This is a VERY strong buy in my opinion. And it's at a very early stage. Apple has launched iBeacon and IBM, Google, et al have patents and patent pending works.
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