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Dec 29, 2020
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Very Short: short domains are more memorable

Highly Competitive: Advertisers pay up to $10 per click to advertise under tornado company

Memorable: is easy to remember.

Broad appeal: is a single English word

What is .company?
If you have a business large or small,
.company is the obvious choice for your web presence.
Let the world know you’re open for business with a
.company web address.
Why .company ?
.company offers a TLD targeted to enhance user visibility by adding a relevant keyword to business domain names.
.company is a business-focused domain that offers companies an additional option beyond existing domains like .biz and .co
.company is a highly-searched keyword in association with review forums and blogs, making this TLD an intuitive option for review services.
It’s a credible, professional domain that is perfect if your business or organization
has “company” in its name.
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