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Jul 1, 2013
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450,000 global searches/month
Ranking on page one for several keywords
-video proxy
-vid proxy
-proxy video

Alexa Rank: under 250,000 global
2,500 Pakistan

Site earns between $50-80/month
Earnings will easily reach $300+ monthly
with stronger monetization.
I have only placed gunggo and popcash ads on the site and earnings have been between $50-80 a month
Just put bidvertiser on to test this past week. Bidvertiser is hitting around $6/daily and increasing in earnings.
Site is Adsense ready, just recently created a new Adsense account but haven't placed any ads on the site yet.

Looking for a quick sale.
Please PM offers
x,xxx offers
Instant transfer of both site and domain.
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