Offers wanted on the domain(s) listed in the original post.
Jun 5, 2015
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The Domain for Sales is

It probably is the Top 10 domains in VR out there, TV being the Best Keyword for most of the Tech Domains. With VRTV owned by a Media House & not for sale, this is the second best domain that is up in market for sale on the same lines.

The Domain has been Registered at Moniker since 11th March 2004, that makes it a 12 Year Old Domain, There are only a handful VR Domains that are that Old & Precious.

With reference to the Appraisal of at Domain Sherpa, One of the Big names in the Insutry, Andrew Rosener, the CEO of Media Options himself Quoted that he would rather prefer VRTV than VrTelvision & he would value that "It is probably like 25 thousand dollars or 50 thousand dollars"

So If is valued by the Domain God himself at $25000-$50000, what would you like to offer for the second best domain and the only one available on the market for sale as of today.

Please PM your offers!!!
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