appraise Was owned by Bill Gates / Microsoft, curious about the value

This thread is an appraisal of the domain name requested.


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Sep 4, 2005
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Hi all,

I am currently the owner of the domain name, which was previously owned by Microsoft. Estibot put the value around 11.000 USD, but I am not quite sure if that is correct (maybe higher/lower). It is a time-less domain, as long as Windows is out there, this domain contains pretty good value I think.

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The fact that you even wrote the above quotes shows that you are knowingly violating Microsoft's TM's. Microsoft's lawyers are on this forum and will certainly read this post. I am no lawyer, but based on experience I can tell you that you are messing with something that isn't worth it. I promise you this. The best thing you can do is contact Microsoft's lawyers at the firm K&L Gates and tell them you would like to give them the domain name.
Oh and as far as value goes.... its a big, big, BIG LIABILITY!!! Don't be stupid.

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Jul 24, 2004
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M$ is notorious for going after it's TMs, BTW, so any violations could cost you 100K.
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