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offers 50TOPDOMAINPORTFOLIOFORSALE.com with Estibot Valuation of 58760 Dollars!!

Offers wanted on the domain(s) listed in the original post.


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Jun 5, 2015
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Domains worth 58760 Dollars, 50 TOP domains by Estibot!!
This is the Chance to Acquire a Portfolio with Huge Potential, Extremely High Estibot Valuation, Some aged Domains, Some Key Word Domains, Some High CPC Domains. These are Niche Quality Domains

Seller's Notes

The Domains listed below aren't Just Domains Selling in Quantity due to low value, these are Quality Domains acquired with Time & Value. With Extremely High Valuations & Opportunity for Start ups.

Also with Huge Potential of Resale Value for End Users, These are the Domains which can earn a Fortune. Even a single Domain Sold out of the Lot to an End User would be High xxxx.

Of the 50 Domains,

  • .COM: 33
  • .ORG: 8
  • .NET: 5
  • .INFO: 2
  • .IN: 1
  • .ME: 1
  1. FORTUNER.net:Estibot Valuation 7600 Dollars, Similar Domains of Prime.Net selling over 1000 Dollars minimum, With Fortuner.com worth High 5 Figure to Low 6 figure.
  2. CHEY.org: Estibot Valuation 7500 Dollars, Similar Domains selling at 4000-10000 Range.
  3. HIPHOPDANCEVIDEOS.com: Estibot Valuation: 2500 Dollars, Similar Domains, Selling at Range of 500-2500 Dollars, please refer to NameBio.
  4. COSMOTOLOGY.org: Estibot Valuation: 2400 Dollars, Similar Domains, Selling at a Range of 1000
  5. HOWTOATTACK.com: Estibot Valuation: 2400 Dollars, Similar Domains of How To Selling in range of 500-1000 Dollars.
  6. HOWTOEMPLOY.com: Estibot Valuation: 2400 Dollars, Similar Domains of How To Selling in range of 500-1000 Dollars.
  7. FINANCEZ.org: Estibot Valuation: 2200 Dollars, Similar Domains on Finance selling in range of 1000-5000 Dollars.
  8. IRONPANS.com: Estibot Valuation: 2200 Dollars, Actual Product.Com Domains are Rare in Aftermarket selling in Portfolio sales like these, The Market Valuation is in Mid 5 Figure to end user.
  9. OFFROADDIRTBIKE.com: Estibot Valuation: 2100 Dollars, Huge Demand for this Domain.
  10. LOLIPOPS.net: Estibot Valuation: 2000 Dollars, Single Letter.Net Prime Words average Sale price is 1000 Dollars.
  11. REFURBISHEDPIANOS.com: Estibot Valuation: 2000 Dollars, Huge Potential for High End User Re-Sale as tons of Ads on Google & Business's on the same.
  12. ANANALYST.com: Estibot Valuation: 1800 Dollars, Analyst being the Key Word with right Start of AN, this is 4 Figure Resale Domain.
  13. PLASTERING.info: Estibot Valuation: 1800 Dollars.
  14. AIRFORCEZ.com: Estibot Valuation: 1700 Dollars, Airforce being a Prime Key Word with Z, All Sales with Prime Words with Z have gone over 2000 Dollars recently.
  15. SUCCESSMEET.com: Estibot Valuation: 1500 Dollars, Perfect .Com of Business Meeting Groups.
  16. MALCOLM.in: Estibot Valuation: 1100 Dollars, The only .IN Domain I have kept in my Portfolio due to the High significance of the Word itself.
  17. GETCHARACTER.com: Estibot Valuation: 1000 Dollars.
  18. POODLETRICKS.com: Estibot Valuation: 1000 Dollars. Great, for Startups
  19. INVESTMENTRESEARCHFIRM.com: Estibot Valuation: 960 Dollars, With Investment Domains at high CPC & Selling at Premium Prices, this is a Gem
  20. HOPETHE.com: Estibot Valuation: 950 Dollars.
  21. BIKEGANGS.com: Estibot Valuation: 800 Dollars, With Bike Related Domains at Mid 4 figure even Gang Related Domains at minimum 1000 Dollars. This .Com is perfect for Bike riders and Groups & Worth a fortune to end user. It would sell at minimum the Estibot Valuation.
  22. PROMOCODESAVING.com: Estibot Valuation: 780 Dollars, Domain with Promo Codes are high Sale in Aftermarket.
  23. INVESTMENTPLANSERVICES.com: Estibot Valuation: 740 Dollars, Key Domain on investment.
  24. BRONCHUSCANCER.com: Estibot Valuation: 670 Dollars, Key Domain on Cancer, Rare Find.
  25. QUALIFIEDVENDOR.com: Estibot Valuation: 670 Dollars, Potential Domain for Directory, or B2B Commerce Page.
  26. MADURAFOOT.com: Estibot Valuation: 660 Dollars, Rare Disease Domains.
  27. SNOWBOARDTRAINING.com: Estibot Valuation: 620 Dollars, Prime Training Domain, worth more than the Valuation to right Reseller.
  28. DESKTOPMOUSE.com: Estibot Valuation: 580 Dollars, Two Word Key Letter Domains.
  29. FISHODORSYNDROME.com: Estibot Valuation: 560 Dollars, Actual Disease Keyword.
  30. THEIRREVIEW.com: Estibot Valuation: 550 Dollars, Review Website with Key as Review .com
  31. LOTR.Info: Estibot Valuation: 540 Dollars.
  32. ITBUYIT.com: Estibot Valuation: 530 Dollars, Buyit Domains selling at huge resale Values.
  33. SHOWBEGIN.com: Estibot Valuation: 470 Dollars.
  34. FINDBOOKVALUE.com: Estibot Valuation: 370 Dollars.
  35. HONORSDIPLOMA.com: Estibot Valuation: 320 Dollars, Huge Potential for Education Website.
  36. FINANCINGDIRECTORY.com: Estibot Valuation: 300 Dollars, Directory on Finance itself.
  37. ESOPHAGUSTUMOR.com: Estibot Valuation: 270 Dollars, Direct Cancer Domain
  38. WEIGHTLOSSWORKOUT.net: Estibot Valuation: 250 Dollars, With Weight Loss & Workout Market going up in sky, this is a very potential domain for making it a Business or Youtube Page.
  39. LAWDEFENSE.net: Estibot Valuation: 240 Dollars, Law Domain with Key Law words
  40. NORTHAMERICANMAGAZINE.com: Estibot Valuation:230 Dollars
  41. DREAMGIRL.org: Estibot Valuation: 200 Dollars
  42. AUCTIONZ.org: Estibot Valuation: 190 Dollars: Key Auction based Domains, Huge Potential, Far More resale Value than the Estibot Valuation.
  43. MUSICMAGAZINE.org: Estibot Valuation: 180 Dollars.
  44. USBMODEM.org: Estibot Valuation: 180 Dollars. With a Exact Type in of Huge Volume
  45. NONSTICKGRILL.com: Estibot Valuation: 150 Dollars. Product of great demand.
  46. APARTMENTAT.com: Estibot Valuation: 140 Dollars. Apartment as a key word. Huge Potential
  47. BIO111.com: Estibot Valuation: 140 Dollars. It's a Bio Course Guide, Taught in Many University's as a Course of BIO111.
  48. MEMORYCARD.me: Estibot Valuation: 120 Dollars.
  49. MEETINGWOMEN.net: Estibot Valuation: 100 Dollars.
  50. 3DZONE.org: Estibot Valuation: 100 Dollars. Key 3D Domain, With the Value of Resale of 3D Based domains touching all time High, This is the one which can yield a good Value.
Minimum Time on most of these Domains is atleast 9 Months to 11 Months.

Except 2, all Domains are at GoDaddy and will be pushed to Godaddy or will be given details for Transfer to any other account.

Please feel free to check the Estibot Valuation data on any or all of the above Listings & also would request you to see individual Potential of these Domains at NameBio for sales matching these Domains.

If we value it according to NameBio Similar Sales the Figures of Sale of this Lot will go in MId to High 5 Figures. However as I am looking at Sale here, I am expecting atleast a decent Reseller Price.

Please feel free to ask any Questions you might have.
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