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Dec 20, 2020
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APPRAISAL SCAM, a common and old scam. Which was more likely to happen at the beginning of domaining. Even though it is declining now, sometimes new domainers lose money by stepping into this TRAP.

Suppose you own a domain. Suddenly you got an offer, a good offer. Maybe at a much higher price than you expected. But they have a condition! You need to get the appraisal of the domain from an appraisal service company because they want to know that the value of the domain is actually so high.
With the naked eye, everything seems to be fine but it is not. Here comes the appraisal scam. The so-called buyer will ask you to buy an appraisal from a particular appraisal service provider, as the reason they will tell you that they only trust that specific company. You can't take it from anywhere else. And when you spend 50-100 USD on appraisal, you won't find them anymore. An agent from that particular appraisal company fooled you and took your dollars.

Is asking the appraisal value is always a scam?
In most cases, yes, they are scams. Because those who come to buy the domain know that the appraisal value does not really matter and before they bid for your domain at a high price, the real buyer must make sure that the real price of the domain is that specific amount for them.

Remember, any area of financial transactions is risky. There will always be some people trying to steal your money illegally, so BE CAREFUL!

To the long-time domainers, do you ever face this kind of scam? Your suggestions will always be appreciated.
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