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Aug 28, 2008
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Description of Domain:

This domain is ideal to showcase any product ore service that starts with the word INDIAN
examples: Indian Software Companies, Indian Professionals, Indian Colleges, Indian Tours, Indian Products, Indian Cuisine.

The extension .iO is associated with Indian Ocean Business according to the .iO press release
Also the extension .iOis also associated with fancy, electronics or Modern Industries

The INDIAN.COM valuation is 1 Million Dollars according to the attached documents
This is a life time opportunity to build a million dollar modern business around a country with over 6 Billion people and and a great extension .iO with ever advancing modern technology
I am selling this because of a personal liquidity crisis, otherwise i would have never thought of selling this. I live in the Indian ocean territory and I really love this domain. But I have to let it go and it was a difficult choice. If I get any better with my financial crisisis, I might increase the price any moment. I have put such a low price because I need to have some liquidity very fast.

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