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auctions Lot of 16 Premium Financial .INFO Domains ( + More) - No Reserve

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Dec 15, 2010
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Aged .INFO Portfolio of (16) High Quality Financial Domains!

If you are a domainer or follow the domaining industry, you're probably aware of the rising value of .info domains. With the upcoming flood of new TLDs just on the horizon, it's widely presumed that the .INFO extension will not only survive, but will flourish.

As the domain industry steps into a new and changing atmosphere, the domain's extension will become a prevalent factor pointing visitors to the premise of each website based on the TLD. Since the internet is driven by "information", the .info extension is expected to blossom during this next stage of internet progress. If you've been wondering why .INFO domain resale figures have been surging recently, this is largely the reason why.

What I'm presenting to you is a rare opportunity to acquire a large portfolio of (16) aged .info domains related to the highly profitable financial niches (loans, taxes, consolidation, stocks, investments). This is a short and rapidly closing window to take advantage of this liquidation. As the values of .INFO domains continue to rise, chances to add quality names to your collection will become impossible, so don't miss out!

The winner of this auction will receive these (16) domains:

Domain - Cost Per Click - $129.38 per click - $19.65 per click - $4.94 per click - $258.18 per click - $6.24 per click - $42.82 per click - $2.55 per click - $1.60 per click - $12.40 per click - $12.89 per click - $12.34 per click - $6.40 per click

The popularity of these search terms and the SKY HIGH cost per click values of these domains clearly demonstrate the investment potential of such a premium collection. The winner of this auction will reap the rewards of this acquisition for many years to come. It's truly a rare and once in a lifetime opportunity.

All of these domains are registered at GoDaddy and will include a free push to your GoDaddy account. I accept PayPal and Escrow payments.

This listing features NO RESERVE so the highest bidder will receive every single domain listed above.

If anyone has further questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always glad to help you in any way possible. Good luck!
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