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Jack Thoms

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Oct 6, 2015
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Pter is an aged domain name which has been since 2002, almost 13 years ago. is now on Flippa auction. Pter is most popular domain name. My thoughts were to create something extra for this wonderful world with a different brand humor. However, I became heavily consumed with some other ventures I had on the table at the time.

Pter means “one with wings” of the kind specified: hymenoptera. Origin of -Pter Expand. Pter means " one with wings” . It could be a new company or a startup with a technology or business with wings. Pter is exactly a brand name which comes from Pter Pan, everybody knows about it. It is one of the favorite characters of the world which were created by Scottish.

The most easily pronounced 4 letter . Mostly used for different outlet purposes because this is the simple and frequently used domain name for searching. We always focused or want the keyword or phrase which are simple and easy to remember. Pter is already a brand name which can be used in any purpose , it could be business, personal or a brand because it already have billion users. can be the domain name to make our work easier and simple for your own brand.

This domain name has been made keeping in mind the huge potential of the PTER. It will never lose value, it can only gain value. So Get Yours Now.


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Jul 6, 2012
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The most easy to pronounce 4 letter? How about Or
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