discussion Some Success Records of Bangladeshi Domainer in Last 1.5 Years !!!

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Siful Moni

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Mar 15, 2020
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Few Days ago I've posted a thread where I've mentioned that there were a few domainers in Bangladesh. Here is my previous thread "Domain Industry in Bangladesh"

Actually domain industry in Bangladesh growing rapidly. In the last 1 year it has expanded 10x faster than ever here. People are getting benefited from domain investment financially and other means.

Several Facebook group developed in BD to learn Domaining. Since 2 years I'm working to learn the basic of domaining. I have developed lots of resources like youtube video tutorials on local language to make things easier for all. I have created a blog website as well to keep the people up to date with the global domain industry.

EPIK playing an important role to expand Domain industry in Bangladesh. Lots of growing domainer have got their first sale through Epik marketplace and they were capable to get some domain name through Epik promo especially .co and .vc promo price.

From the beginning people started learning about domaining A to Z with the help of Domain Graduate eBook. I can say that this e-book is a mighty resource for a beginner who really wants to chance his financial status with Domain investment.

The long story in short, here I am attaching some successful sales record and story from BD people and how they made it.


You can see more here Success Story

The market is growing daily and more success story coming towards. Keep an eye to see more....
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Sep 15, 2009
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You should invite all of them over here to DNForum! :)

There is a plethora of information available here that is always applicable; it's just a matter of finding it and then bringing it back up for discussion.
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